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Hi, I am Peter and I am Realtor and here to help people to sell or buy a house in the East Orlando Area

My Background home house Real Estate Oviedo Winter Springs Orlando

To fully express the passion that I have in the real estate business, I have to go back to the place where it all started.             img_02431

When I was six years old, my parents decided to move from Poland to Germany, where I then spent most of my childhood and my early years as an adult. I was driven by two things: learning and being open to new experiences. My technical interest and my desire to understand how things work steered me toward a career in the engineering field.

In 2004 I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund in Germany and started my career as plant design engineer for Siemens AG in Duisburg in Germany. A couple of years later, I wanted to expand my knowledge of business, so I enrolled in the MBA program in the Technical University of Applied Sciences Georg Agricola in Bochum in Germany.

During those years another personal dream became true. I married my long-term girlfriend in September 2009, making my best friend from high school into my wife.

A social worker, my wife Wioletta for a long time enjoyed working in a foster home and guiding children in different ages through their lives. She is passionate about helping Real Estate Oviedo Babychildren and young adults whose parents are no longer in the picture.

Our life became more and more established back in Germany, and we started thinking about a family. In 2011 my wife became pregnant, and I was offered an opportunity to become a project manager in Siemens Orlando in the US.

2009 was our year. This was the most challenging period in our life, but we don’t regret a single step. Blessed with a two-month-old baby, we made our way to Florida, calling the Sunshine State home ever since.

We fell in love with the City of Oviedo in Seminole County, and soon enough we found a house and settled down.

The entire house hunting experience was what triggered my steer my focus in a career in real estate. I just love to share my knowledge and experience with my clients and to guide them toward making the right decisions in real estate market.

Although my customers are all over Central Florida, my expertise is in the east Orlando area in Seminole and Orange count.

Customer feedback – front page

Mr. Biskup had excellent processing skills and market analysis. This was critical in establishing a good Fair Market Value for our House. Also his negotiation skills allowed us to get a higher price than what we posted. Because he lived in Live Oaks and our house sold in Live Oaks, his knowledge was excellent and he was able to inform buyers of the advantages of the neighborhood. Our previous experience with realtors where that if they had too many clients, they would not be responsive. I feel this was a major factor to Mr. Biskup’s immediate responsiveness because he did not have a large number of clients. He was also very pleasant, courteous, respectful and eager to please. One of the most surprising things was he volunteered to help me pack and move furniture. That was a bonus. I would strongly recommend Mr. Biskup in the future to any of my colleagues and home sellers.


As a former “for sale by owner”, I am glad we decided to go with him after talking to a bunch of realtors. He convinced me with his honest opinion and facts about the market. He won our trust and did all he could to win our business and close the deal in our favor. I am glad we found somebody who was truly looking for our best interest. At the end of the day he was able to get me the sales price that we were trying to sell on our own. Passionate, honest Realtor who we would gladly refer.

I’d highly recommend Peter as real estate agent. We never bought a house in the US and had to get a feeling for the housing market. Peter showed up endless houses and never pressurized us to buy anything. He helped us to find the right house for the right price. He knows about real estate really well. He took care of the entire process and did whatever was needed. He responded very quickly and was very reliable. You don’t need to think twice if Peter is your agent. He has a friendly personality that is looking for his customers best interest. Even after we got the keys, Peter continued to help us. I’d work with him for any future real estate needs. He is a hard working individual that went far beyond what we have expected.

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Orlando Market Snapshot – front page

Here is also the Orlando housing market snapshot:

How to Choose a Home

#1  Location, location, location!  You can change many things about a house, but you can’t change the neighborhood.  Pick a neighborhood that fits the lifestyle you want. You’ll never love a house if you don’t like your neighborhood. Check also the school district and see which Location is within your schools district.

#2 Budget. Work out how much you can afford to borrow from the bank in the form of a mortgage. If you can afford to buy your own home outright, lucky you!

#3 Check schools. If you have kids of want to have some in the future, check the assigned schools for a particular address. See what schools are assigned

for Seminole County:

for Orange County:

#4 Examine the factors that influence where you need to live. Consider your work, your partner’s work location, where your children go to school, or will go to school in the future. Do you want your home to be close to other family members or friends? Choose an ideal location but remain flexible

#5 Compare prices and worth. Never settle on anything less simply because you’re tired of searching. If you don’t find the right house now, you will in the future. Something may be in your price range, but is it worth it?

#6 Have a vision.  Look beyond ugly paint colors, carpeting, and furniture.  Not everyone understands the importance of staging a home for sale, and some people just think their ugly stuff is the cat’s pajamas.  So, deal with it.  It’s their home, not yours.  Once it becomes yours, the dated furniture, dust-collecting figurines, and creepy doll collections will be out of there.  If you’re not afraid to open a can of paint or pull up some carpet, you’ll reap the rewards by having a blank canvas to create your own look and feel.

#7 Stay focused and organized. Create a list. Remember, you’ll probably have to make compromises, so put the “must-haves” at the top and the “would- like-to-haves” at the bottom. Put the houses that interest you in the list and you will have a comparison chart.